Na Yè Primary School - A Wasabi Group Project

• Na Yè Primary School – Vanvieng district, Vientiane province
Grades: 1 – 5 (Combined 4 and 5)
Students: 138
Teachers: 4 (2 salaried and 2 interned)
Population: 550
Households: 102
Village chief: Xienglè
School principal: Thong Chanthavong


Observations: Village in full expansion. The organic orange orchards is prevalent. Highland people are enticed by local government to settle in low land. New 2-latrines washrooms (Singapore). School grounds need to be enlarged and properly leveled. Villagers will supply necessary lumber for general construction needs and furniture fabrication. Well connected former residents will help solicit for sand, gravel, cement and school ground leveling.
Water supply: Could be piped in from natural source in nearby mountains.