Kangxé Primary School

Kangxé Primary School

5-classroom school - fully furnished, electrical supply, school supplies, sporting supplies
Total Cost: $65,000 CDN

SKL is pleased to confirm our 8th school construction in Laos. After a long, careful search and several site visits, Board representatives selected the village of Kangxé in Savannakhet province (8-hour drive south of Vientiane capital city). A poor community, it is located in one of the most under-served regions in the country. The existing school is in serious disrepair and too small to accommodate all the children in the village.

Now, working with our donors, SKL will build a new five-classroom school which means every child in the village can attend their local school. Currently, grades 1-3 are taught in one combined class - not the best scenario for learning! Any student in grades 4 or 5 must travel at least 10 kilometers to other schools in the area.

SKL operates under very strict criteria when it comes to selecting locations for our schools, including the requirement for the local community to participate in a meaningful way. The Kangxé villagers are eager and promise full participation in the construction process. They will supply necessary lumber for general construction needs and furniture fabrication. This commitment reduces construction costs slightly while instilling a sense of pride and ownership in the community.

As always, SKL will not commence construction of a new school until total funding is in hand. Kangxé's school will cost $65,000 CDN. Our goal is to purchase building materials in April/May 2018, then get them trucked into Kangxé before the rainy season make the roads impassible. Construction would start in September 2018, with the official opening in December.

The Kangxé project includes building new sanitary washrooms, installing electricity, a deep well water pump, and furnishing the school.

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Photos of existing building