Ban Pakxoun School

Completed November 2013

3-classroom school - fully furnished, washrooms, clean water supply, school supplies, student uniforms, school sporting supplies

Total Cost: $54,500 CDN



Pakxoun Primary School is located in Pakxoun village, district of Pak Kading, province of Khammouane, approximately 180 km (3 hours drive) southeast of Vientiane. When SKL visited in 2012 to determine eligibility, the existing school housed 34 students from grades 1 to 3. Since it was a relatively new settlement, the village was expanding and school enrollment for September 2012 was expected to increase by 59% (increase to 54 students).

The existing structure was in dreadful condition, open to the elements, dirt floor and no water supply or washrooms.

Construction started in June 2013. The school was inaugurated on November 20, 2013.

SKL Volunteers on Location: Ken and Sengkeo Phanlouvong, Francois Tremblay, Linda Lindsay

Revisited in 2016: In good shape but will need repainting soon.
2017 Update: School population increased to 53 students (Gr. 1 - 3); village population 620 and growing; school is structurally in good shape, needs a paint job.


Old school (from our visit in 2012)

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Construction of the new school in 2013

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The new school completed in 2013

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